Word Recovery Online Help

Steps to be executed to Repair corrupt Word Document Files

Click Start > All Programs > Kernel Word > Kernel Word. The Kernel Word Recovery main window appears as follows:

main window

Click Add Files Button from the Toolbar to add corrupt Word document Files in the list of files to be repaired and click Open file button from the following screen

Select Corrupted Word Document files Screen

After Selecting the Corrupt Word document Files, Kernel Word Recovery Software will display following screen


Click Next Button to repair the selected word document files. After selecting the corrupted word document files, Kernel for Word Recovery will start repairing the file and will display following screen:

Recover Corrupted Word document file Screen


After repairing corrupted word document files Kernel Word Recovery Software allows you to see the preview of word document repair files. Select the desired file to see the preview and click Next Button then Kernel Word Repair will show you following screen:

saving process for word recovery software

After repairing the corrupted word file, Click Save Files button to save the repaired files in a desired and safest location. this is all you required to repair corrupt word document [.doc] file to retrieve your corrupt data.